Fuck yeah bad fan voices

Anonymous said: a fuckton of these MP3s just give me an error when i hit play

this is an old stupid dead blog and homestuck is dead too goodnight

Assassin's Creed 4

xiao-long-is-it said: I'm not trying to be rude or anything but I'm going to say because some people like my self and others fail at voice acting anything that has to do Homestuck all the way to Disney princesses and others are better at this type of thing I ask is it worth the time to criticize?

Well maybe that explains why I haven’t made a post on this blog for ages!

Anonymous said: Yo can you check out thelastmedia com? its my friends

Out of sheer hope that this wasn’t gonna be a porn site I actually checked this out, and it’s really depressing that now there are websites in which you can purchase YouTube views or Twitter followers. I understand it’s mostly for business application, but I’d reckon one or two unfunny LPers wouldn’t mind forking out a bit of cash so they can try and become the next Pewdiepie or whatever unfunny loud moron screams into his scarecam these days.

i tried to make a dum "adventure" game

Anonymous said: Okay, I can understand shitty OC blogs, or shitty art blogs, or Mary Sue blogs, but this is way too far. You're making fun of people's VOICES. A part of their own fucking being they couldn't change if they fucking TRIED. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Have you actually listened to any of the shit on here? These aren’t peoples’ actual voices, they’re putting them on for the sake of trying to become a character, you absolute fucking moron.

Anonymous said: Are there any voice actors you DO like??

Y’know what? I was actually gonna start listing names here, but I’ve decided against it for one really important reason.

The voice acting sub-fandom has made some exceptionally talented people stand out. As much as I’ve come to dismiss the whole VA thing as a waste of time, there’s some undeniably clever, capable and committed people amongst them. And it’s because it’s a waste of time that I’m not going to start naming names, because I sincerely hope to god they’ve gone on to do bigger and better things than reading Homestuck updates.

Long-time followers of this blog will probably recall any people I’ve mentioned as being good before, and, to be quite honest, I’ve probably been a bit harsh on some people whose talents are marred by the fact that Homestuck is simply not a good thing to voice act. Not that my words have real power to them here, but I wish those people the best of luck if they decide that voice acting is a thing they want to pursue more seriously.

Apparently when a sprite splits in half it has an asthma attack and drifts in and out of a British accent.

Of course, the bigger problem here is the piss-poor writing. I know you’re literally reading poorly-written fanfiction out loud, but at least put some effort into the script, ok? Nobody’s gonna jack off to this.

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Do people even still do Homestuck voice acting?

darkebs said: masteryorgi is octopimps name on youtube. i guess some people only know him by that?? weird




That last ask has reignited my desire to post in this blog!

Anonymous said: Wow you're just...wow. I'm ashamed to be part of this fandom. I wish the judgmental people who put up blogs dedicated to "bad" stuff would just go stand in front of Lord English and accept death. (I have never done voice acting myself, but I do know some really great voice actors) Please stop bullying people just because they aren't as talented at MasterYorgi or whatever.

Ok, I was gonna sugar coat this and maybe dismiss you with a glib comment, but I’ve had a couple of Macallans so let’s go for it:

  1. There are bigger things in life than Homestuck, and the mere fact you said “stand in front of Lord English and accept death” discredits any argument you may have conjured up, and just solidifies you status as a sad lonely child with no ability to separate reality from fiction.
  2. Maybe you should grow a backbone and come out of anonymous mode. I’d be more willing to have some kinda intelligent discussion vis a vis about the nature of this blog if you weren’t a coward. Maybe then I wouldn’t just laugh at your entire feeble attempt to try and make me feel guilty or bad or whatever emotion you’re gunning for. I mean c’mon, did you send this to every other “bad stuff” blog?
  3. If you didn’t send this to everyone else then I suspect you’re full of shit and you have done some voice acting. 
  4. Who the hell is MasterYorgi?

Anonymous said: can I request a repost of the one where vriska is apparently sticking things in tavros' ass and tavros sounds like a dying kitten, you know the one

I honestly can’t remember “the one”, but I’ll, uh… check my archives.

Anonymous said: wow okay so someone isn't as talented as someone else, no need to be a douche bag about it

C’mon, you gotta tell me which one it is now!

Anonymous said: more like fuck no someone's a judgemental asshole who needs to stop being so rude to people for sounding a certain way

So which post has one of your recordings in it?

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